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Monday, May 24, 2004

Stirfrying with seaweed...

I finally did it... I finally bit the bullet and bought from Fresh & Wild (the 'real' food store as opposed to one selling imaginary food)... drum roll... some sea vegetable. I got some Arame [Latin name: Eisenia Bicyclis] which is apparently a gently flavoured sea vegetable ideal for soups and stir fries (according to the packet and website).

And if that image doesn't put you off, I don't know what will!! Apparently the arame needs to be soaked for 10-15 minutes after which time it will double in size. I am going to prepare it by stir frying along with mushrooms (probably the big brown ones - oyster mushrooms seemed more authentic but appeared difficult to cook), bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, savoury beech-smoked tofu, onions, possibly bean sprouts, the ever-useful broccoli and will be garnished with soy sauce and served with noodles.

Whether this will be a culinary hit, a miss or completely inedible is anyone's guess. If I stop blogging it will be evident I've died... I am on a roll since once I'd stopped adding too much of the incredibly pungent pesto, the roasted vegetable and pine nut salad with pesto-style herb couscous I made last week worked really quite well. It was only about £2.50 per serving too!

Given the sea vegetable ensemble should last for about 3 days the total cost should be £2.50 per serving (again) despite the sea vegetable costing £2.97 (it's dried and will swell up so I should get quite a bit out of the packet). The noodles are probably negligible cost - a packet can last me for months...


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