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Monday, September 20, 2004

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Well, here we are again, dear readers... How long for is a different matter seeing that I've felt ill since about 7pm yesterday... and I only arrived at 3pm. Maybe I've become allergic to Liberal Democrats - not something I'd exactly relish (although other people may differ ;) ).

Sunday afternoon was as dead as those militaristic, melon-brandishing critters in Ice Age (for anyone whose seen that cartoon), so I loitered about the LDYS stall hoping someone I knew would turn up. Lots of people I know arrived and when we got ejected I went to the conference rally.

If I hear that the Liberal Democrats have no no-go areas I'm going to scream... Likewise, if anyone else tells me to go to Hartlepool or that the Lib Dems are the new challengers now... This conference is very much aimed at the media rather than the members from what I've seen so far and I think that's a shame to some extent, being the purist that I am :( I can also be cynical about anything. Oh, and rather depressed that my semi-regular dining/dancing/informing me what debates are about partner isn't coming. It's not we spend a lot of time together or anything, we just often end up at the same academic/sciency fringes. I miss his remarks, his laughter, his presence really, a great deal.

Later I went to the Roy Jenkins life & times fringe... In which I found he was a overall good chap and not much else (although I did miss about 50% of it). I guess I'll just have to buy the book. Crucial conference buy: The Little Orange Book. I bet they're moving sheds of them.

Anyway, a new one on me. Someone I'm sure tried to chat me up. I wasn't that interested but it's not happened before such that I've noticed. I'm aiming for 3 attempts by the end of conference, just to prove I can bait even if I don't want to bite. I'm wearing a very fetching burgandy 'Seven-year itch backless number, which makes me feel disturbingly naked (Marilyn was obviously braver than I). Despite the tape (which keeps becoming visible... or maybe I have a complex), I look like her anorexic younger sister. It's understandable that she was a size 16.

Onwards to fair trade...


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