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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The curse of e-silence...

Replies 3, despondency 300000, belief my profile is aOK 100%

Well, ladies and gents, I officially have e-fleas... I have received exactly no replies beyond the chap who wrote to me before with whom (for the moment), I am still communicating and the two other blokes (45-year old opportunistic... and creepy guy who, yep, he looks creepy 'cos I saw him in Broadmead when out jogging... he didn't notice me, fortunately).

I wrote to approximately 5 men yesterday and so far 2 of them definitely checked their account yesterday and haven't written back. Now, this could be because they're not actually subscribed to the site but it still makes me feel that rather than just being picky (my understanding of why I'm perpetually single), I actually have something so fundamentally wrong with my personality that it can be sniffed out in 2000 characters or else I just look c**p in photos.

I have been added to someone's favourites and he sounds really, well, me but my subscription has expired and he has no photo currently. I'm not intending to resubscribe unless someone writes to me since I'm not spending the next month e-mailing a void.

Postscript: I started communicating with 2 guys from that e-mail around, one of whom sent the sweetest e-mails. I speak in the past tense since they now both appear to have disappeared. I've had maybe one other serious reply (i.e. not a form letter) from the site I'm not subscribed to, which wasn't interesting enough to give me the motivation to subscribe. Mum guesses that maybe it's because it's the Christmas period so the sites are slow full stop. Lazyliberal tells me [again] I'm 'niche' (the word niche always sounds like an itchy type of parasite... You could imagine having an infestation of niche or getting niche and having to itch all the time). Regardless, it's not exactly doing much for my ego...


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