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Monday, November 22, 2004

It's a ruddy nutter! Oye! You! Nutter!

Day 2, sites 2, replies 0, winks 1, nutters 1, morale -30000 (ok, the latter's a gross but amusing overexaggeration. I would have liked a male stampede as soon as the thing went up there tho' - does wonders for the ego)

Yep, I got a wink (someone sends me a smiley and nothing else) from someone whose profile has a) No picture b) No factual information bar he wants to meet a woman with a pulse (or mebbe that's not factual)... Oh, sorry, he's 6ft 0" and has no interest in politics. Yeah, it's funny but it doesn't really get me further than "I have a loony sense of humour".

I've changed my profile (again) so the reader doesn't hit POLITICAL ACTIVISM 3 lines in... It suggests anoraks and an interest in the 1920 by-election results in Upper Snoring - or maybe for that Lib Dem stereotype you need to be actually *in* the Lib Dems :)


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