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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rage and despair...

Views 101 off the Guardian site, messages 2 plus from the one from yesterday, morale 0

I subscribed for a 3 day trial to write back to the chap who sounded nice from the Guardian website. I came home last night to discover I'd received a further 2 messages from the other site. One was a wink from the inevitable "I am 45 and look my age but want a quick sh*g" (at least I get intelligent guys who fulfil this category. They like a bit of discussion about the 2004 US Presidentials and a discussion of Foucault before the quick sh*g, evidently) and the other was an entirely sweet sounding guy from Bristol whose photo gave me the creeps and I'm not sure why (I think he has a startling resemblance to the pervy BF I had when I was 13... Needless to say, not a great starting point so he's going to get a "Thanks, but no thanks" reply)


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