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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ha, ha!

Just found on my Livejournal friends list. This is a book written by some sci-fi and fantasy writers to prove a particular American publisher was actually a vanity publisher and would accept any old trash... So they attempted to write the worst book ever written. This is it.

It's definitely worth a read; it's great fun. In fact, it reminds me an awful lot of Jilly Cooper's Riders. The same sex-starved characters who sh*g anything that moves, with the plot (in this case, absent) being merely a substrate to carry the excruciatingly described bonking. The same awful cliches, poor descriptions of characters and parade of banal conversationalists in glamorous settings. But this is, ummmmm, a joke... Riders isn't...

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My hovercraft is full of eels...

Yep, I have a DVD set of all 4 Monty Python movies (although I don't think "And now for something completely different" can be counted as a movie, exactly). I haven't watched The Meaning of Life yet. I've only ever seen The Holy Grail before (which convinced me I liked Monty Python) so the rest of the stuff has been an experience. Interesting just how much has got into the public consciousness (and how sophisticated Monty Python is compared to Little Britain - a series of repetitive sketches with oft repeated catchphrases).

The Life of Brian contains some amazing political satire of far-left groups - "The only group we hate more than the Romans is the People's Front of Judea... But aren't we the People's Front of Judea... No, we're the Judean People's Front. I thought we were the Judean Popular Front. No - I wonder where the Judean Popular Front went. Oh, he's over there."

A friend wondered why I hadn't updated my blog recently (same friend has now agreed to accompany me to the Tate Modern/Tate, diary permitting, wheee heeee :D Am really looking forward - there is only so much you can look around the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery without wanting to see a 'real' art gallery but had no one I could go with who would be the slightest interested in art :( ). Blogwise, it was just a matter of busyness and keeping off the computer weekday evenings.

I did want to post two links: First - An Area the Size of Wales which converts physical quantities into the object they are equivalent in size to. For example, 150 m is the same length as 3 London buses.

Second - the British Library's 'Turning the Pages' project where you can digitally view various famous, precious and illustrated books online by flicking through with the mouse.

And finally I will leave you with:

[World Service style commentator in calm voice] "Yes... Mrs Mc [something] has learnt the first rule of 'not being seen'. Don't stand up. Now, Mr [something] has put us in a bit of a quandary. He could be hidden behind any of three bushes. However, we will soon see which he is hiding behind." BANG... BANG... BANG... AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH... "Yes, it was the middle bush...."