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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Getting your priorities wrong...

There's a discussion on the LDYS open forums here about whether Ellen MacArthur deserved front page news, even temporarily, for her solo circumnavigation of the world given the Israel/Palestine ceasefire occurring on the same day.

The topic has now navigated onto the priority of sport in the news. I personally think that Ellen MacArthur's achievement was somewhat rarer and of a different magnitude of significance from the World Series. However, it does raise an interesting issue of what is 'important' and worthy of news attention.

Radio Humberside, being a local radio station, evidently has a remit that anything 'local' is more newsworthy than something more significant happening further away giving rise to circumstances like my parody:

'And today's main news headlines - man from Grimsby narrowly escapes death after choking on a Wotnot. Mr Bloggs of 3 Rose Crescent, Grimsby was rushed into Grimsby General Hospital yesterday afternoon after choking on a Wotnot whilst watching football on the television. He was saved in the nick of time by paramedics slapping him vigorously on the back. Our Grimsby correspondent, Lara Johnson is now live with his family as he recuperates at home and we go to her now for an exclusive 25 minute interview. "Mrs Bloggs, your husband choked whilst watching the game on the television yesterday. Which club was it? Was it the superb performance by Grimsby Rangers against Bognor Regis United? How do you feel about the 3:1 result?".......

... And in other news. WW3 started today with a pre-emptive nuclear strike by the United States against China'.

Seriously, though, they are happy to stop the news headlines (including items like people having their limbs blown off in Iraq - if that's mentioned at all) to report 'important' items of news like "We stop this program to announce - the Chairman of Hull Kingston Rovers has resigned".

In terms of getting your life priorities wrong though, you can't beat these people... I mean, not only did they INJURE EACH OTHER trying to get into a furniture superstore but they DUMPED THEIR CARS and it was AT MIDNIGHT! Don't they have anything more important to do than buy a cheap sofa! GET A GRIP PEOPLE (apologies to anyone at the Edmonton IKEA opening). It makes you wonder the pointless lives some people must lead:

"Darling, what should we do this evening? We have a choice between staring at the wall, cleaning out our nostrils with a fork or going to IKEA at midnight to buy a Sundnes bed frame"

"You've forgotten watching prime time television."

"I excluded that deliberately because that might actually be remotely interesting."

"Ah, well, given that's not an option - IKEA it is. I'm so dull that buying a new bed takes on the significance of a life and death experience; I'm prepared to trample people in my bedroom furniture-induced purchasing frenzy."


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