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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A series of interesting events...

After several weeks of just me and a sketchpad, everything is getting more lively in the next month or so.

On Saturday I'm going to the Tate Modern with a tall, dark and handsome stranger... Ok, it's not a tall, dark and handsome stranger; it's a tall, dark-blond and freckly friend who I've known for about 5 years (although he's not exactly bad looking). I've been wanting to go and stare at twisted bits of metal purporting to say something about the intensity of human experience for several months but didn't have anyone to go with. As a result, I'm exceedingly excited and this morning I got up and was promptly completely paranoid that fate was going to prevent me going and I will have Norwalk virus/flu/severe insomnia/broken limbs by Saturday. Although I have tackled my existential pessimism quite a lot since it was driving me to distraction, it occasionally rises and just grabs me by the throat and I have to just quietly reason with myself until it dies a death.

The week after, I'm going up to Leeds for LDYS conference and am staying with my parents. I promised mum I'd show her how to draw figures using conte crayon but I've had zero success with the pastels so far. I think I press too hard and fill the 'tooth' of my paper with the first layer. I'll have another go tonight and use very light strokes to 'build up' a picture.

Then I have about a week and then I'm going to Rome (or rather, Frascati which is a suburb of Rome) to present a poster at a CryoSat workshop at ESA (European Space Agency). However, before then, I need to have somewhat more research and a poster which is worrying me rather and was brought home by having a meeting with my supervisor yesterday afternoon. This is possibly driving this morning's paranoia that I'm going to lose days through sudden illness. One of the organisers is from the Space Science department at UCL and although I don't want to live in London, that's somewhere I might consider for a job so I really need to impress them. I'm going to have to dust off my 'Learning Italian' CD and get a city guide to Rome. I'm hoping to fly up a day early so that I can get some photos and maybe a carefully selected museum/art gallery in whilst I'm there.


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