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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

All over bar the shouting

My poster, I am happy to report, is all over bar working out the number of looks at each along-track position (which probably means nothing to anyone but me), fiddling with the introduction, 1 easy coherence diagram and adding a pretty picture of flightlines over Svalbard.

My supervisors recommended that instead of doing extra slope coherence calculations, which are rather dry, I 'moistened' the poster a bit by including a pretty picture of the NASA P-3 aircraft and some pictures of flightlines over Svalbard in the rationale of the project.

I should be all done by mid-afternoon (poster needs to be in by pm today for printing) and then it's just a matter of getting bus tickets, travel money and my E111 stamped, re-learning some Italian and trying to avoid the ravages of the LDYS flu which everyone else seems to have got (if they didn't get sickness). I'm hoping that the fact I was only in the conference hall for about 3 hours coupled with the fact I didn't eat anything there will be enough to save me and, if not, my diet and general level of fitness (although I've worked over lunchtimes this week instead of walking) will. I've been stressed and had disrupted sleep over the poster, travelling to Rome and other things, so I'm worried incase it's knocked my immune system. Flu and an academic workshop in Italy would be a bit of a disaster. The workshop is actually 20 minutes away on the train from Rome at ESRIN in Frascati. For the truly interested, I'm going here.

Lazyliberal thinks the whole travel thing is really smug and points out that although, yes, I am working - he doesn't get to go to Rome before teaching class 10B. I don't feel sorry for him (:P); his choice to go into teaching - I only initially did Geography A-level because there was a trip to Switzerland, wandering around European and Scandinavian cities on my own isn't all it's cracked up to be and I have only been abroad with my PhD twice in the last 2 1/2 years (3 times including this workshop).


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