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Friday, March 18, 2005

Le Signore del e aumentato

Inspired by Rome and fractals (although this isn't a proper fractal), I decide to do a classically proportioned figure.

Dull geeky discussion of my materials

I now have a lovely selection of pastels - mostly Unisons, a soft pastel hand-made in Derbyshire which I can recommend wholeheartedly for its velvety bloom. I have a few Daler-Rowneys which I found good for detail although a bit grainy and stiff and some Faber Castell polychromous artists pastels which are smooth and light fast and good for fine detail. I've found the Conte crayons (another hard pastel) aren't very robust (they just splinter into pieces if you so much as blink at them) and I don't find they work as well as the Faber Castells. Unfortunately, you can't buy Faber Castells loose, only in large sets (I have a 36 set). I also have a limited selection of Faber Castell pastel pencils for outlining which I've found very sound. My support is an A3 pad of 3 colour Daler-Rowney Ingres pastel and charcoal paper.

Link to picture

Anyway, after I've bored you with a discussion of materials, I will make the usual warning that if you are embarrassed by nude women don't look at this and most certainly don't go to Rome (although they seem to favour the male nude which, as I previously said, is very inspiring for the female sightseer).

NB: The title translates as "The Ladies of the Rose"... You can translate it in Google language tools. Hey, after all, I translated it from English to Italian in Google so it should go back the other way!


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