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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Young, Free and Liberal

I'm currently busy working on cartoons for Young, Free and Liberal: a young person's guide to Liberal Democracy (I love that title, it rocks).

I've been doing them slowly but am now trying to get all of them done by Monday/Tuesday. A tall order but I've done 3 this week already. I need to do another 4 and they take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to do, depending on complexity.

I've added the new ones to my Yahoo photo album. I've been sending them to my co-editors to check they're not too risque for a mixed audience (or they don't look anything like the thing they're supposed to, which is more likely in most cases).

I spent from 2 pm to 9:30 pm last night drawing the social liberalism one (with a couple of breaks including an hour watching 'Art that shook the world' on Wagener (sp?) before I realised I wasn't actually watching The Culture Show. Art that Shook the World was presented by Michael Portillo and I can sorta see why various women have expressed Michael Portillo is sexy, since I haven't seen him on TV before and the effect isn't the same in a still picture... but then I can kinda get the whole Boris Johnson thing too. I fail utterly to see the attraction of Wayne Rooney, however [a strange LDYS conference conversation] but then I like bright and cultured, rather than athletic and rugged). End of digression...

Well, not quite... I did have the realisation that Tolkein unashamably nicked Wegener's Ring Cycle, unwrote it out of operatic German and altered it a bit. Get this - a dwarf-like creature nicks some gold and forges this into a cursed ring. Everyone who gets hold of the ring is corrupted (and dies and/or destruction follows). Peace is only returned when the ring is returned from the place from whence it came (The Rhine, though, not Mount Doom). Many dragons, giants, nymphs, etc. feature... Sounds familiar? [I can't find the link about how Tolkien was anti-industrial, romantic and establishment tho'... Same period/thread of thought tho' AFAIA]. Digression definitely over...

I originally intended to draw Liberty Belle holding a spliff for the Social Liberalism section and then I thought about it and realised that Liberty Belle has a strong Manga influence (mostly off Gameboy games) and I forget if I invented her before or after I saw Spirited Away at the cinema. She has the same long, skinny legs as Chihiro. Either way, she'll be about the same age as Chihiro which means she's supposed to be 9-10 years of age. I was not about to draw a 9-10 year old (even a anime cartoon one) smoking a spliff. Hence, after leafing through the guide I eventually drew her trying to reach some very tame soft porno mags but, because she's a little person, she can't... quite... reach... despite standing on the tips of her toes (which is, of course, a good thing given she's somewhat below the age of consent).


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