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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Contentment is being efficient at finding interesting things to do...

I've signed up for a 10 week course (2 hours, one night a week) at Bristol Folk House on 'Painting with Oils (and Acrylics)'. My mum was concerned that my oils would smell too much, it'd give me too much cleaning to do when I got home and I later decided that carrying wet compositions about Bristol could be moderately unpleasant (acrylics are water-based and dry fast). Hence, despite being a terrific material purist (I like the idea of producing dark, moody works that crack after about 30 years), I bought my materials list in primarily student quality acrylics. The cost of course and materials practically made me faint but I'm not going on holiday this year and I should learn something, even if it's that art classes are a waste of time. Interestingly, I loathe the smell of the acrylics more than linseed oil and 'Zest-it' - they smell like molten plastic and remind me of how I'd expected 'dip' in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to smell.

I'm 'double-booked' for Saturday (I'm heading off the campaign trail and hiking in Cheddar since I haven't done a good 15km walk for months and I've been campaigning every Saturday for weeks now) and am canvassing and delivering again this week. All incredibly lively and interesting! I'm just really 'on edge' at the moment, early waking and not sleeping very well. I think it's to do with my thesis - I've started a new part of my project and have been floundering for a week, skirting about the base of the mountain infront of me unsure of how to surmount it. I tried to relax last night reading about acrylic paint, The Turning Point (he just seems to be making the same argument applied to different fields of endeavour so once I'd read the first two chapters I don't seem to be able to summon up the enthusiasm to read the rest of the book since I know where he's going) and a sci-fi book recommendation, Speaker for the Dead. Usually if I get to a point where I don't appear to need sleep then walking for miles knocks me out of it - it appears walking to the Bristol constituency HQ wasn't sufficient to vent the excess energy so I'm hoping wandering around for hours on Saturday should knock me out of it and help my focus.


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