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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Death by leeks

Am somewhat concerned by the morbid titles that this blog is acquiring...

I'm still on the GI Food Plan (I say 'Food plan' because anyone who knows me will know that the only diet I probably need to be on is a rapid weight 'gain' programme... Despite the general consensus amongst gentlemen-friends that I would be better being a bit more curvy, I vigorously defend my right to look like a furry-ended pencil) and now have a cookbook (the Times Supplement recipes seemed to involve an awful lot of cheese and I felt eating so much feta probably wasn't healthy). The original intention was to avoid being hungry and low in energy in an afternoon which stopped me working since I left work to go home to eat something. Initially, I seemed to have a lot more energy than my previous diet (a lot simpler but not dissimilar to the GI diet), my hair looked better and I had fewer spots. I've either stopped noticing having more energy or it's balanced off. I certainly still don't seem to have the number of spots I used to (although I do have one or two at the moment). I suspect the difference would only be really noticeable if you'd been living on sugary trash food before you switched. How hungry I am in an afternoon varies although it is less acute than it used to be.

Following said cookbook recipes seem to involve an awful lot of cooking and vegetable buying. Thus, a fair bit of expense and need to stir fry things before I go to work in a morning. I also spend a lot of time worrying incase strange item 'x' causes me either food poisoning (because it's incorrectly prepared) or I'm allergic to it. After some fretting about the correct way to prepare an aubergine last night, today I am fretting about how to prepare leeks. In my experience, leeks are slimy, soggy things you boil in winter with potatoes but my recipe required I stir-fried them, which seemed very irregular. Upon consulting the internet it does appear that you can, indeed, stir-fry leeks but my mum concurred that although she believed them to be rather like large spring onions, they would probably be rather tough (which they were). I suspect I had to slice them thinner than I did and am now worrying about leek poisoning, especially since I want to do some general election campaigning this week.

Postscript: For anyone who has ever considered having (cold) a toasted wholemeal and lemon pitta bread stuffed with cream cheese and stir-fried leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes and parsley... don't...


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