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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Have you ever considered the inequalities inherent in capitalism?

Yes, frequently, but it didn't make me a socialist... Unlike the elderly gentleman that myself and the eminent PPC for Bolton NE had a brief and informative discussion with last night on the doorstep. After a discussion of how the collapse of Soviet Communism was the fault of the US, we agreed that we were both exceedingly principled but would sadly have to agree to differ. His wife, incidently, was considering voting Lib Dem.

A very interesting area generally with numerous people who seemed up for a debate about something or other on the doorstep be it the local council, the threat of the Tories getting back in in Bristol West, socialism, reasons for voting Green... Oh yes, and the students who invited us in to their house party before one of their friends told us to f**k off...

My enjoyment was only marred by the fact I realised the washing up refill I bought yesterday appears to be laundry fluid meaning I couldn't make my packed lunch this morning...


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