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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Still not sure what I think about the oilbar test painting thingy I did yesterday... I've got it pinned to my noticeboard and I keep glancing at it and I just don't know. Normally I either think "This is c**p" or "This is good"...

...relatively speaking... for me... although I think a fair few of my art problems are due to impatience. The longest piece I've ever done in conventional art media (I once did a very intricate silk painting) took 6 hours [working weekday evenings just before Easter]. Normally I take about an hour to two hours, and the oilbar painting took around 3/4 of an hour whilst I was washing up simultaneously just to see if I could get the things to produce anything half decent. The technically competant paintings I wish I could produce seem to take anywhere between weeks and years (full-time) involving draughtsmenship and preparatory sketches, preparatory paintings, underpainting, etc.

Oilbars generally seem to be used on a large-scale (like 1/2 m * 1 m canvases) of simple subjects (like a flower), as a way of laying down colour before conducting an oil pastel painting or by abstract painters. Hence, I probably should be proud I've produced something using 1.6 cm oilsticks in 30 minutes on a 17*25 cm piece of paper that looks reasonably compellingly like a harbourside from about 6 m away, even if it looks like something done by a Year 7 group close up. I could probably rework it using oil pastels but I'm afraid of losing the impression of a harbourside I have when I'm sitting at this end of the room (even if the Lloyds building does look like the Colosseum), esp. since they'd change the tonal values because they're more vivid than the watered out oilbars and I don't want to start Zest-it washing the whole thing again so I think I'll leave it.


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