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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

May 5th

I thought I had better mention the election :D I'm doing a delivery of the 'start of campaign' newsletters this lunchtime, canvassing tonight (although it's raining so it's going to be very pleasant :( I had an easy time campaigning last week - about 17 degrees C leafletting all morning Saturday in a nice suburban area) and doing a youth activism event tomorrow lunchtime.

I probably need the distraction this week - my conscious mind is focused on my thesis but my unconscious mind is in turmoil. I'm a dreamer in the literal sense - most of my important thinking gets done by me running 'scenarios' in my dreams. When I'm powering unconscious and conscious through my thesis I'm hugely productive but it can exhaust me since I'm working all day and then I dream it all night. At the moment, I'm not exactly having recurrent dreams but my dreams are all part of a long running story. They're trying to tell me something that I don't think consciously I'm quite willing to accept yet (that said, it was a very nice dream opera house. It was pale coloured and that style of architecture where there are several stacked levels with pillars - unsure what that's called. It had the most wonderful heavy carved wooden stairways and was reached by crossing a white marble bridge - I may try painting it. It's a real shame I didn't dream about it under different circumstances since I wasn't really in a dream frame-of-mind to appreciate it. It's also a terrible shame that I woke up before the opera started). I think I will know what to do finally and absolutely by the end of the week.

Either way, I'll be campaigning somewhere on Saturday.... I'm unsure whether I'll be in Bristol West (4% swing from Labour needed) or a train journey away.


  • At April 6, 2005 at 9:10 AM, Blogger Ian Ridley said…

    I'm sort of proud that I got half my flying starts out within a few hrs of Blair's chat to QEII.

    The other half need to a wait a day or two as I only got the last delivery out for that round on Monday (the perils of weather combined with a 1 year-old)!


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