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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Women, women, women...

Article in the Guardian about women's magazines... To me, the whole concept of a 'women's magazine' is an oxymoron (is that the word I'm looking for?) since women are not a discrete category who have entirely separate interests from men. Thus, you either sell magazines about eyebrow plucking and lipstick lesbianism... or you sell a magazine about burning your bra and hemp t-shirts.

I would say that women who want to read about more politically charged and deep issues than what Jordan is wearing during pregnancy buy a specialised magazine on the subject rather than a 'women's magazine'. I buy with reasonable regularity - New Scientist, Artists & Illustrators and The Economist. I do, of course, read all the women's magazines on the newstand since they're very entertaining - I think the trick is not to take them too seriously (something the Guardian seems to have overlooked). I'm apparently not entirely unique in this. In a discussion with a female friend on the subject, she pointed out she did exactly the same thing (reading the magazines in the shop) but then bought Private Eye.

They also neglect the fact that a fair few of the 200 women's magazines are probably bought by 15-year olds aspiring to behave how they'll feel when they're a 30-year old professional (when, if they get to be a 30-year old professional -"First date dont's" is probably pretty much common sense... you know, don't inhale spaghetti, get roaring drunk and discuss how you firebombed your previous BF's car are kinda obvious) and socially inept young men who want to know how the opposite sex think.


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