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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ye typical potted flowers

I lost the ability to paint last week, probably due to reading far too many art books and trying several techniques that didn't seem to work for me... :( I was persisting with the oilbars and they weren't really responding as a medium. However, in 30 minutes whilst watching Dr Who I drew ye classical artists still life in charcoal and oilbar (multi-tasking, don't ya just love it. But then, flatulent aliens impersonating MPs and taking over Britain isn't exactly a very demanding storyline). Here it is. No idea what type of flowers those are - I saw them in the flower shop in Clifton Downs shopping centre. Neither the flower or the pot exist...

I'm probably going to be signing up on Monday for a 10 week art course on Tuesday evenings on 'Painting in Oils (or acrylics)'. Annoyingly, I only have about 4 of the course material list colours in student quality oils at the moments and mum recommends I use acrylics (since they are water soluble and smell less). I am starting to come around to this idea since acrylics also dry fast meaning taking a piece home should be a lot easier since it should be dry by the end of a 2 hour class. It wasn't booked up this afternoon and, hopefully, shouldn't be booked up by Monday. I thought I'd sleep on it since the course is pretty expensive and having to buy a set of acrylic paints is going to only increase the cost. They don't give student discounts off the course price, which sucks...

Postscript: Same picture again but without the distortion.


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