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Friday, May 06, 2005

Join the Lib Dems for fresh air, freckles and freedom!

Just processing out my data and desperate for a chatter with someone about the election. Sadly, everyone else is in bed.

I had an interesting day. I've had terrible 'mental fog' and insomnia for weeks and ended up lying awake until midnight on Wednesday night. I was mentally tired but physically it was as though I'd just got up. Good I was not in work on Thursday, then.

By 7:30am I was attempting to pick-up a 'leaflet drop' Tom had left me of 'Good morning' leaflets behind some trees. What Tom didn't tell me was the trees were in the centre of a roundabout on a busy road and it took me about 10 minutes just to get across before I could do anything :P I leafletted two council tower block. One was utterly lovely - the front was deceptively dull but the back was 'open access' on about 6 levels facing a scar of rock. It seemed to be predominantly occupied by old ladies who had put garden gnomes, wind chimes and plants on the landings. One waved at me as she read her leaflet :D From level 6 I could see the distant, misty hills and the sun rising over the buildings. My only quibble is that access to the upper levels was by an open access, spiral staircase which was a bit hair-raising given that I have vertigo. I kept feeling I was about to fall off almost constantly despite the fact there was a mid-high wall around the stairwell.

The other one wasn't as pretty but was higher and the view was amazing. From there I leafletted in Clifton for a couple of hours near the Suspension Bridge (again, pretty scenic) and in the high street of Clifton where all the nifty designer clothes shops are. After a short detour to check my e-mail and buy some mushrooms, I spent the first part of the afternoon leafletting students in the campus area. It was wonderfully sunny with a light breeze. I was wearing no tights and an above the knee satin skirt and the occasional gust was sufficient to lift it. Just as I was addressing a group of young men lying on the grass near the Wills Memorial Building, a gust of wind lifted my skirt right up across my face, causing one of them to remark he was definitely going to vote for us following a display like that, that I was a definite plus point for the Lib Dems and that I should flash my pants more often! If we had won by 1 vote, I guess I could have said it was my skirt that won it (maybe, just maybe).

After that, I walked back to the committee room and got a lift to the edge of the Clifton ward to deliver more leaflets. Clifton is very hilly and has great views. I suss that 'Clifton' probably means 'Cliff Town' or 'On top of cliff' or something. It also has lots of Georgian old houses and trees. I spent a while leafletting near Clifton College which is oddly Oxfordian. Whilst there, I met a bad tempered old lady in a retirement home who refused to take leaflets since "The election is almost over and the poor dears are all in bed at this time" (it was 3 in the afternoon). By this point, the wind was getting up (I accidently 'mooned' some students on the way home and probably gave some lads playing rugby a thrill. Fortunately, the girls were having similar problems with their wrap skirts and we all found it very funny), I had several blisters, one of my toenails had concertined into my foot and my soles had friction burns. I carried on leafletting and got colder... and colder... and colder... I started shaking. I finished the delivery round and managed to get to the polling station by a force of will. I had goosepimples all over and it was 5pm. I had eaten most of my dinner at about 10 am and had only had soup since then and I'd been leafletting solid for 10 hours, only sitting down once for 2 minutes. I had 'glucose crashed' in a way I hadn't since I nearly collapsed on Grassmere during my first Lakes trip.

I had perked up again by about 7pm after I'd made dinner but was utterly exhausted. I watched the Culture Show in bed and went to sleep at 9pm. I woke at 1:30am when I realised I had forgotten to switch my phone off and Chris N. had texted me a Kettering result. I checked the Guardian website and found Labour had won. Thus content, I slept again like a stone until 4 am when I woke up due to having cold feet. I was dreaming I was canvassing some people who were having a rock carving party in their lounge. I recall dreaming about hanging onto some netting over an abyss but don't remember what that had to do with the rock carving party.

Once again, I switched on my phone and by this time had accumulated quite a few text messages about various constituencies. I found we had won Bristol West from a text from Tom and one from Jonathan who had just seen the result. Jon didn't mention Cambridge so I assumed we'd lost it. I slept naturally and deeply until 6:40am when I woke up and checked the BBC website and found we had, in fact, won Cambridge. I had two conversations with people who hadn't gone to bed yet on MSN. I felt full of energy, mental fog that's been plaguing me for weeks lifted, well rested and what I thought was my face darkening with cold last night is actually a facial tan that is unsurpassed since I went on holiday to Chamonix. My nose is dark brown with freckling. Luckily, I only have a tiny bit of a burn on part of my exposed neck. My hands and wrists are also very tanned. It's beautifully sunny again and I want to chatter to someone about the election... Sadly I can't until tonight since everyone else has gone to bed... :(


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